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Emily's speakership is a mix of pragmatism, humour and real world insights. 

Emily doesn’t talk to hear her belly rumble.

She is laser-focussed on delivering value. When you're part of Emily's audience, she wants you to walk away inspired, but ready for action.

Emily knows stuff about things.

Emily speaks about building people-focussed cultures and customer experiences for the future. She also speaks about how to ask better questions, to get the right information to make better decisions.

Emily can work a room.

Emily’s also an experienced facilitator and conference chair. Known for building rapid rapport with her audience, through her self-deprecating humour, Emily makes panellists and speakers feel at ease (even if it’s their first time on stage).

Emily wields a stopwatch with conviction.

Know this, Emily might look sweet, but your event WILL run on time!


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I reckon speaking is a privilege. It's my chance to connect with an audience, to inspire them with my passion for putting people first.

Here's what others have to say about my speaking.


Smart? Yes. Intelligent questioning? Yes. Solution finding? Absolutely. Emily has an insane ability to make the complex simple, to inspire possibility now and to most of all, create and drive action for change. The ideal speaker, facilitator or advisor to bring in to any business that is looking to answer the ‘what to do next’ question.

Janine Garner
CEO LBD Group, Author of ‘From Me To We’ and ‘It’s Who You Know


Dr Emily Verstege was one of 25 speakers selected to present at the International Research Impact Summit in November 2016. Emily’s contribution to the summit, based on her expertise in understanding the needs of stakeholders and clients was an informative and invaluable addition to the summit content and was enjoyed by the over 1,000 attendees. Emily presents in an engaging, warm and friendly style with a passion that has you hanging on her every word.

Dr Tamika Heiden
Knowledge Translation Australia


You are a star!

Thank you so much for your support at our event today. Your knowledge and insights filled the room with inspiration and I am extremely grateful for your willingness to share those with us today.

Layne Beachley
CEO Aim for the Stars Foundation, 7 times surfing world champion,

Dr Emily Verstege is as good as I have seen at imparting valuable knowledge on an audience while mixing in a healthy dose of humour and intrigue.
— Jack Ferguson, Founder of 'Be the Push'


You may have gathered by now that I'm a bit obsessed with creating personalised experiences.

Same goes for keynotes.

I've got a few 'off the shelf' keynotes, but these are always (always!) just the starting point for your event. Expect me to want to know lots of details about your event so I can absolutely make sure that what I deliver connects with your audience.


It's Personal.

Create connections. Make memories. Future proof business.

The key to success in a fast-paced, ‘always on’, technology-saturated world is surprisingly simple. 

It’s not another widget. It’s not a bespoke product, beautifully packaged and sent express to your door. Success isn’t a smooth transition from online to offline, from one device to another. It’s not a smile, it’s not a thank you.

It’s all of those things.

Success comes when you deeply understand people, their emotions, desires, hopes and dreams. It comes when you understand that people buy with their hearts and not their heads.

Success comes when you create experiences and memories.

This keynote shows you how to capture customer's voices. It's great for audiences who are drinking the experience Kool Aid already and want to step into action.


What's Your Care Factor?

The four pillars of awesome customer experience.

I reckon this keynote is the keystone of your customer experience. And that's because it breaks 'experience' down into four easy-to-do areas of work. I'll show you how to improve experience by focussing on these four key pillars.

  • Customisation: Offer a personal solution.
  • Accessibility: Be easy to work with.
  • Realness: Know who you are and what you stand for.
  • Emotion: Create connection, make memories.

This keynote walks through the four pillars of experience. It connects with my 'CARE Factor' scorecard, which provides you with a personalised review of your customer experience current state. Good for businesses looking for strategic CX insights!


Future Game.

Why customer experience is the only game you should be playing.

In an uncertain world, the trifecta of more choice, more noise and more power means that one thing is certain: beige businesses bust. Research shows Australian brands know they need to do something differently in order to survive. The question is, in a new world, what’s our gameplan? 

Brands that are booming are playing the experience game. It’s the game of the future. It focuses on a deep understanding of what people want. It recognises that people are emotional and irrational and that we buy with our hearts, not our heads. Experience is everything that makes you feel something. 

This keynote equips you with the knowledge to put people at the centre of your business. It's like an espresso shot before six am: it wakes you up and sets your day on a different course!