Customer experience: How's your consistency?

Have you ever tried to surf?

I have, and the results were pretty funny. (For the people sitting on the beach, that is.) I'm reading Layne Beachley's autobiography at the moment. What strikes me is how many of her coaches and fellow competitors describe her surfing ability as unnatural: as in, she had to work at it, she didn't always have it. Layne herself describes her early surfing style as being 'crab like' - squatting down too low, with her bum stuck out.

Great customer experience is a bit like great surfing.

It takes a bit of luck, but it also takes consistency. The science of customer experience is actually pretty simple: design something that people need (or want) and connect with deeply, then deliver it in a way that makes them feel good.

It's not that simple in practice. 

You're dealing with the complexity of humans. How we think and feel about ourselves influences our ability to put our attention out and deliver a cracking customer experience day in, day out.

You've got to stay in the water when everyone else is in the surf club. 

Beneath the Waves talks about Layne's obsession with improvement. It talks about her relentless focus to improve her mindset, technique and humanity to that of a champion. She stayed in the water, when everyone else was out. She surfed every single second of every single wave, in every single heat. She sought out coaching on small components of her technique. She listened to feedback, she listened to herself and she tweaked her approach accordingly.

Successfully riding the waves of uncertainty is simple. It doesn't make it easy, though.

We need to do the basics well, and we need to do them consistently well. And of course, we need to look around and work out how we can tweak our approach.

What's your strategy for delivering with consistency?

Emily Verstege