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/ Technology moves fast: transformation doesn’t

Successful transformation needs (obsessive) focus on truth, touch and tools.

Digital technology is fuelling a shift in how economies, industries and organisations operate. It’s rapidly and radically changed consumers’ expectations of how and when they interact with brands, business and government.

Digital leaders understand that, to leverage digital, they must not only implement it, but do so in a way that aligns with their broader business strategy.

Australia is behind the world on digital transformation. Catching up requires recruiting and retaining the brightest people - women and men - and giving them opportunity to learn, work in cross-functional teams and fail (fast).

Digital leaders help all their people grow digital skills that complement their traditional skillset.

Technology is a potentially powerful change agent. So is data. But both are just tools. Only humans (and a few robots) know how to use these tools to drive meaningful business transformation.

Viewing technology as a commodity to implement can stifle performance. Digital leaders focus on integrating tools to enhance their whole business.

"Leadership, not technology, drives transformation. Great digital leadership means crafting a compelling transformative digital vision and then helping your organisation to make it a reality through active engagement and strong governance." George Westerman Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

/Opportunity at the edges

It’s at the intersection of truth, touch and tools that the magic happens. Relentless focus on those three drives efficiency, deepens engagement and grows relevance.

01.  Unlocked. Free your data, build your evidence.

Every day, we generate 5 exabytes of new data (that’s one billion, billion bytes, by the way). But how much of is it accessible? Can it be used to inform strategic decision-making? I reckon not much is accessible, and even less can be used in the way we’d like to use it. And I reckon that makes us want to close down our spreadsheets and hope it will all go away. Danger, Will Robinson!

'Unlocked' is for organisations who are drowning (not waving) in data.

In a series of four half-day workshops, we will:


  • map your available data (sources, systems, tools)
  • identify data issues (cleanliness, completeness or closeness)
  • develop a prioritised action plan to fix the issues
  • review your progress and update the plan
02.  It’s persona(l): Deliver efficient, engaging, relevant services by focussing on people.

Thanks to technology, consumers expect a connected, engaging user experience: it’s up to us to deliver. I reckon we all know user experience is critical, it’s just we don’t know what to do next.

‘It’s Persona(l)’ is for organisations want to put users at the centre of their business. It's perfect for marketing and communications professionals in financial services, retail, manufacturing, health, or the public sector.

This workshop series is customisable. I shape the content to suit the audience, but possible topics include:


  • understanding and developing personas
  • user experience research methods
  • mapping user experience journeys
  • testing user experience hypotheses
  • analysing and acting on user feedback
03.  Keynote speaking.

I deliver engaging keynotes, workshops and forums, contribute to panel discussions and facilitate events.

People ask me to speak on a wide range of topics, including digital transformation, digital leadership, user experience, innovation, open data and issues facing women in science and technology. Read more about my speaking here.

04.  Mentoring.

Women in science, technology, engineering and maths face a range of challenges. It’s not just about being the only woman in the room. Often, it’s the limits we put on ourselves are our biggest challenge.

When I mentor, I bring the widsom of my own transition from scientific research (via the private sector) into my own business. I help women who want to change careers identify their core skills and how they’re valuable beyond the laboratory or operating theatre. And I help women who want to stay put leverage their skills, cement their positioning and grow their influence.

I help women who want to change careers identify their core skills and how they’re valuable beyond the laboratory or operating theatre. And I help women who want to stay put leverage their skills, cement their positioning and grow their influence.

My mentoring program brings a structure for success across six mentoring sessions: you bring the content and commitment. The package includes worksheets (yes, there’s homework) aligned to your goals and one-on-one support for six months.


/ Case studies.

My work is diverse. So diverse that some of my friends think I’m a statistician (nope!), some think I’m a doctor (yes, and no), and some think I’m an accountant (no way!) Here’s a sample of what I’ve been up to lately.


/ Hola.

I'm Dr Emily Verstege. I’m a user experience expert, data analyst and strategist working at the intersection of business and technology.

I work with forward-thinkers to transform their business from analogue to digital. Think of me as an interpreter: I speak truth (strategy), touch (people) and tools (data and technology). By focussing you on those, I help you drive efficiency, deepen engagement and grow your relevance.

Emily is a fantastic role model in our youth entrepreneurship program. Emily mentored one of our youngest participants in the 2015 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero - who was named the NSW Finalist! Clear evidence that she is making a difference to women in STEM across Australia.

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen CEO Tech Girl Superhero

Emily is an engaging, well presented and easy to understand keynote speaker. She takes the overwhelming topic of technology and makes it relatable and understandable. I would highly recommend Emily as a presenter.

Debbie O’Connor CEO, The Creative Fringe
Smart? Yes. Intelligent questioning? Yes. Solution finding? Absolutely. Emily has an insane ability to make the complex simple, to inspire possibility now and to most of all create and drive action for change. The ideal speaker, facilitator or advisor to bring in to any business that is looking to answer the "what to do next?" question. Janine Garner Author of "From me to we" and CEO of Little Black Dress Group

/ Thoughts & musings.

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

–PJ O’Rourke


/ Contact.

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